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Wimberly Athletics Intro to Speed Camp


A daily commitment to recruit and commission proper running mechanics for athletes of all ages.

WHO: Wimberly Athletics and Training is proud to present to you, it’s 1st ever summer fun, Intro to Speed Camp!

WHAT: This camp is designed to take kids who are interested in building better balance, range, mobility, speed and coordination and giving them the space where they can develop and grow daily!

WHEN: WEEKLY (M-W-F) Beginning July 5-9th, 12th-16th, 19-23, 26-30th. Spark Plugs 9-10 am. Lightning Bolts 10-11 am. Sprinters 11-12pm. 

WHERE: 2682 aqueduct rd. Niskayuna NY 12309

WHY: Because we're not looking for the fastest and the best in class. We’re only looking for you, because you’re awesome and you’re going to learn how, when and why you apply various sprint, form and mechanical techniques to your running style.Did you know that a runner who applies the heel of their foot to the ground prior to any other part to their foots contact is considered a “heel striker”? Heel strikers often find more success in the longer sprints or distance races!

This speed camp is about nurturing, cultivating and developing all runners. Sprinters, distance and newbies alike need to learn and develop better form.  If the best athletes in the world work on their form daily, then we can as well. Let’s find out what kind of runner you are and develop the best in you today!

The Spark Plugs (ages 4-8)

The Lightning Bolts (ages 9-12)

The Sprinters (ages 13-16)


The Spark Plugs (ages 4-8):

Will meet (M W F) 9-10 am. Daily Sparks will participate in fun and exciting activities that will assist  in developing their balance, flexibility, mobility and speed.


The Lightning Bolts (ages 9-12):

Will meet (M W F) 10-11 am. Daily Bolts will participate in more fun and semi-body developing activities that assist and proliferate a Bolts progressive experience, encouraging strength and linear speed.

The Sprinters (ages 13-16):

Will meet (M W F) 11-12 pm. Daily Sprinters will participate in an even more invigorated

experience in speed development. Sprinters will pack on the knowledge and skill to participate in linear, lateral and multidirectional drills confidently.


Sign up at

4 weeks

Beginning July 5-9, 12-16,19-23, 26-30

1 hour daily


$50.00 for any week of training

$20.00 for any day of training


> Devon Wimberly

> Wimberly Athletics and Training (Owner)

> Director Coaches Learning Lab

> Head Varsity Indoor Track  Coach

> Asst. to Head Varsity Outdoor Track Coach

> Asst. to Head Varsity Football Coach

> Strength and Conditioning

> The Albany Academy

> Albany NY 12308

> 518-429-2300

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