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Boxercise w/ Shannon Miller
Wednesday 6pm-7pm


Welcome to Boxercise, a coexisting realm of boxing and exercise packed at the center of an athletic community that encourages confidence and self esteem. 

At Wimberly Athletics we gather in search of protection. Emboldened by focus, strength and endurance. Understanding that protecting one self is a very personal commitment. 

Our training sessions are just over 1hr long and are led by our professional champ himself, Shannon Miller. 

Coach Miller coaches with the canning ability to run a multi disciplinary session. In this arena you are not just boxing, but also 

committed to a world of moderately intense body weight exercising. 

He’ll have you on your toes competing in various variations of push ups, hand combinations, squats, jump ropes, leg raises and all linear, lateral recumbent and multi directional movements! 

If that’s not enough just wait until you pull the dumbbells off the shelf! Now your weighted training begins and the calories burned rise higher and higher. 

But it doesn’t stop there. After that, you will participate in a cool down session. This Hatha Restorative Yoga will bring peace to your body! 

Now you can get all of that right here at


Stay Ready

Coach Wimberly

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